Down for everyone?

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is this site about?

Ever wondered if a site (or any link) is just down for everyone or just me?. This site is a simple service that just helps to provide answer for that question.

How to check if a site or link is down?

Just enter the domain name of the site (a.k.a link or url) for e.g. in the site textbox and click on check button

For example:

You may also optionally include the protocol http:// for example:

How to check a site or link with a https:// secure website address?

Since we support full website address, just enter the whole address with the secure protocol https:// in it, for example:

Why sometimes the link entered and the link the status result shows up is different?

When users enter a link to check its status, we try to connect to that link but their web server redirects to the right and fully qualified link (most of the time this happens when the user enters a partial link for e.g. instead of the whole link

How to request for a new feature?

We strive to bring the best for the benefit of our users. However we give preference to features requested by our users. Please send your new feature requests through contact page.

How to report a bug or issue with this service?

Please send bug reports or issues you see through our contact page.